Liquid Product Terminals Business

Liquid Product Terminals

The liquid product terminal of the Group is located in the Greater Bay Area. As Guangdong province is the pioneer in economic development of China and our terminal situates in the centre of the economic circle of the province, such location edge attracts customers to engage with our terminals for their distribution of refined oils. Apart from oil products customers, there are customers who have manufacturing plants in the Greater Bay Area. In their business cycle, there are requirements to temporarily store their dangerous, poisonous and hazardous goods in designated controlled facilities with proper licences in accordance with governmental regulations for safety and environment reasons. The customers may store their hazardous raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods in our storage facilities. Our terminal employs experienced, professional and skillful management teams with well-equipped features storage hardware. The Group persistently maintains high standards in safety and environment protection. Our terminal is fully and properly licensed to handle wide range of dangerous and hazardous goods. They provide convenience to our customers to move their products in and out of the terminal during their production cycle.


Dongzhou Petrochemical Ternminal

As the flasgship and brand new project of Hans Energy – China, Dongguan Dongzhou Petrochemical International Storage Co., Ltd. (hereubsfter called Dongzhou Petrochemical/DZIT) has been established in 2006, wholly Owns Dongzhou Petrochemical jetties and Terminal, which is the largest petrochemical jetties & storage enterprise in Shatin Harbour Area, Area, Human Port, Dongguan. Meanwhile, It’s also the Class One Port opening to vessels from abroad in South China, occupies the two sides of Pearl River together with Panyu Xiao Hu Island Petrochemical, with two Jetties at the scale of 80,000 DWT and 50,000  DWT, respectively .  In the phase one project the storage volume is approximately 260K cubic  meters. The approximately 150K square meters construction reserved land for phase two expansion project has been pre-approved by Safety Production Supervision Bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau and got the related documents. It could offer the tailor-made and personalized services based on the customer’s different tank storage requirements.

Total Site Areas 516,000 m²
Reserved Areas 147,000 m²
Coastal lines 635 m
Berth Capacity 12 berths: 500 dwt – 100,000 dwt
Draft -13 m, -15 m
Storage Capacity 260,000 m3
(180,000 m3 oil; 90,000 m3 chemical)
Tank Farm 94 oil & petrochemicals tanks
Products Oil & Petrochemicals (including class A hazardous goods)
Access Vessel, Barge, Tank Truck, Pipeline, Drum filling
Additional services Steam Heating, Circulatory Chilling, Constant Warming, Nitrogen Blanketing Lab, international testing Surveying services and local CIQ on site

Major Services

  • Vessel discharging & loading
  • Trans-shipment
  • Storage
  • Truck loading
  • Drum filling
  • Blending
  • Other value added services

Ancillary Functions

  • Government authorities established on site offices in DZ. The terminal can offer One Stop Service for foreign vessel inspection and goods declaration. CCIQ, SGS, Sayboltand ITS established labs or offices in the terminal to provide convenient and efficient surveying services on site

Truck Loading

  • There are three sets of truck loading stations providing a total of 112 loading crane to ensure that the loading vehicles are not affected by  long-time queuing and loading and to improve the efficiency of truck loading.
  • With the help of triple assuring systems combined by the machine auto-loading, the anti-spilling, anti-static, auto-locked and two IC cards one tank monitoring loading, Hans Energy China secures safe, high quality and efficient tank truck loading services.


By using the tank blending facilities and technology, Hans Energy is capable of offering the petroleum products blending service for customers.

Barrel filling

Fully-automatic barrel filling: The unique fully automatic barrel filling machine in South China provides fully sealed quantitative barrel filling service.

Tank truck and ISO TANK filling barrel:   Tank truck and ISO tanks can directly fill the barrel through stainless steel machine pump and pipeline.

Fire Fighting Safety Management

With the large capacity modern fire fighting engines, good ancillary and automatic fire-fighting system, gas detection system and industrial monitoring system which spread all over the key points of the jetties and terminals, the well-trained professional fire-fighting teams of Hans Energy •China provide a 24-hour powerful protection for the safety operation.