Key Milestones

Hans Energy Company Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands and its shares are listed in the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 554). The current brand name “Hans Energy” was adopted by the Company in 2005.

The Company was established in 1993 and its shares were listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997. Its principal businesses were manufacturing and sales of paper packaging products, handbags and luggage, and audio cassette products.

In 2002, the Company was under corporate restructuring and the controlling shareholding changed hands. By end of 2004, the Company successfully acquired GD (Panyu) which operated the Xiao Hu Island Terminal (“XHIT”) and disposed the paper packaging manufacturing business to transform itself into oil and petrochemicals storage and terminal business.

In the beginning of 2005, the name “Hans Energy Company Limited” was formally adopted to reflect its core business and the focus of its resources in the future. At the same year, Dongzhou lnternational Terminal (“DZIT”) situated in Lisha Island, Humen Harbour district, Shatin country, Donguan city, Guangdong province was approved by NDRC and started construction.

In 2009, GD Solid Chemical warehouse and logistic centre (“GD Logistics Centre”) started construction.

In 2011, GD Logistic Centre commenced to operate in order to expand the business diversification. In the following years, the Company actively established crude oil trading business and developed LNG/LPG business.

In 2016, ZengCheng filling station started construction.

On 22 August 2018, the Company entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement in relation to the disposal of GD (Panyu). On 28 May 2019, the Company completed the disposal of GD (Panyu). By end of 2019, the Company acquired 99% equity interest in Shanghai Diyou Industry Co. Ltd (“SHDY”) and obtained a refined oil wholesale operating licence issued by the industry of commerce of the PRC and commenced its wholesale and trading of oil and petrochemical products.

In April 2020, the Group’s first filling station in ZengCheng, Guangzhou was built and operated. The Group’s business segments have been extended into three principal activities: oil and petrochemical products wholesale and trading, terminal storage and filling station retail business.

In October 2020, the Company, Templewater (an international private equity fund) and Ascendal (operation of UK public transport) jointly acquired Bravo Transport Services Limited (“Bravo Transport”) (formerly named as NWS Transport Services Limited) which is principally engaged in the provision of public bus and travel related services in Hong Kong, through operating 2 main franchised bus companies, namely New World First Bus Services Limited and Citybus Limited. Hans Energy held 8.56% shares of Bravo Transport.

In December 2021, the Company announced to reach the agreement with other shareholders, and proposed to further acquire 7% shareholding in Bravo Transport. Tranche 1 acquisition was completed in December 2021.

In March 2022, the Company completed Tranche 2 acquisition of Bravo Transport, in which 15.56% of the shares in Bravo Transport held by the Company.